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NeoWell: Your Comprehensive Beauty & Wellness Center

Wellness and aesthetic treatments, in one location

When you need a boost, you don’t want to run all over town to get it. The whole point is to get rejuvenated, refreshed, and relaxed. Now you can get aesthetic treatments, IV infusions, vitamin shots, and more in just one place. At our Plano beauty and wellness center, we offer fillers and injectables and microneedling; hydrating, nutritional, and regenerative shots and IV therapies; intramuscular and joint injections and wellness snapshots complete with bloodwork; all in an open and inviting environment.

From joint injections to beauty treatments, all on your terms

At NeoWell, you get the benefit of professional medical oversight and your pick of options. Your aesthetic advisor will help you understand the best choices for you as an individual, and then let you choose from a menu of beauty and wellness services. Botox and a Vitamin B shot? Sure. Microneedling and hydrating IV therapy? Of course. A joint injection and lab-grad skincare products? Yes and yes.


Leading by a highly qualified and experienced doctors is essential to getting your condition treated in a safe and highly tested environment.

Revolutionize Your Beauty & Wellness Routine at NeoWell