An Authentic Approach
to Wellness

We’re a Beauty & Wellness Center Where YOU Make the Decisions

Designed with Choice in Mind

NeoWell was founded with one mission in mind: to change the way people choose, access, and consume beauty and wellness products. Founders Deanna and Jeremy Meyer spent years in wellness and beauty industries, all the while growing more frustrated with their own experiences with access to quality care and advice. NeoWell is their solution: cutting edge therapies for aesthetic applications as well as regenerative therapies for joints & overall vitality in one welcome place; a beauty and wellness center truly focused on the individual.



Deanna began her career in Corporate Banking & Finance for over a decade before moving on to build her own businesses. Deanna has developed several businesses focused on health & wellness with her husband and business partner Jeremy. Helping people live healthier lives is a passion for Deanna and that remains at the core of each business she launches. Deanna continues to apply her skills in business to solutions that help people break down the barriers that the traditional health care & insurance systems have put in the way of managing their own wellness.



Jeremy worked for Fortune 500 & other large corporations for many years, developing expertise in new concept development, product development, operations and marketing before finally jumping in to building businesses of his own. NeoWell was born out of a vision, shared with his wife and longtime business partner Deanna, of a better way for people to participate in managing their own health, wellness & beauty. NeoWell is the culmination of experiences with several health-centric start-ups and represents a passion for improving the options you have when it comes to feeling & looking your best and living to your fullest potential.

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